Since the first moments of our lives we gain experiences, modify them, add new ones, at the same time building for ourselves a set of fragrances, memories, associations which determine whether we like the given fragrance or not. Like most of the good things, finding a suitable fragrance takes time, but if you like any fragrances, then most probably they belong to a concrete fragrance family. You just need to realize which are the closest to you. There are many to choose from: oriental, woody, citrus, fruity, aquatic, green, edible, chypre… etc.

Noone can give you the exact recipe for how to select perfumes which you can call “your own” but remember, each one of us is an individual, carrying our own ballast of impressions and likes, thus it is hard to be strictly classified. Not without a reason a fragrance is selected matching not the appearance, but the character of the person. We choose perfumes through intuition, and this choice shows us how we see ourselves and how we want to be or seem to be. In our lives we can play different roles. Furthermore, today you choose “your” fragrance not for the first nor last time, also not for your whole life,
but in accordance to your mood, time of year and part of the day.

In different situations you can choose special fragrances. It is important that they are a complement of your mood, attire, occasion – you decide!

…How to seduce men with the magic of fragrances…

“Every woman has multiple faces. Be unpredictable…
You need to have in store a couple of types of perfume depending on the mood. Use a fresh, subtle fragrance and the next time, something more sensual…”

“When you feel exceptionally sexy, “cover” your body with intense fragrance. Strong, oriental notes work extremely tempting on senses. But do not go too far with it, a dash is enough, because the scent is supposed to deliver an intense sensation… it doesn’t have to last long.”

“When your mood is cheerful – light fragrances will add charm and glow… no man will pass you by indifferently.”


Use perfumes right after bath.
The skin is then hot and wet – it absorbs the smell better.
After using them – cover your skin with odourless balsam to fix the fragrance.

Because perfume’s aroma lasts longer on fabrics, spray/sprinkle/splash your scarf or dress’ neckline…
A wonderful fragrance of your favourite aromas will be your companion for a long time. A good way is to also spread a fragrant mist above the hair, but not directly at them, because perfumes are based on alcohol and excessively used can result in drying the hair out.

The body has a constant quite high temperature, and a used fragrance evaporates, going up. Spray then first your ankles and the space behind your knees…the pulsing blood will make a subsequent release of all the perfume notes. Wait a moment and gently apply the perfume on your neck and the space behind your ears.

You need to be careful, so the fragrance won’t get mixed with other cosmetics, such as liquids, shampoos, powders, or deodorants. It is recommended to use products, that possess the same perfume scent or to use neutral cosmetics.


A properly chosen fragrance improves one’s well-being, and softens tensions and fatigue e.g. lavender calms down and silences, jasmine stimulates the brain, mint enhances vigilance, and vanilla decreases nervousness. The best time for choosing the right perfume is the morning, because then the sense of smell is the most sensitive. The fragrance is well matched, when after a few days of wearing it, we stop to feel it. It becomes then inseparable part of us like a second skin. It is worth to know however, that from time to time the perfume must be changed, because smell is a sense that reacts to novelties and after around 3 months of using the same perfume your partner will stop feeling it.

No one can give you an exact recipe of how to choose perfumes, which you wish to call “your own”. Selecting out of many different, tempting brands isn’t the easiest thing to do. Not without reason you decide on a fragrance that matches not your appearance, but your character. We select perfumes through our intuition, and the choice shows, how we see ourselves and how we want to be.

With the help of a couple of simple tests, you can identify a psychological type and choose a fragrance according to the following recommendations:
1) If you are an extrovert (optimistic, cheerful, active), your fragrance should be fresh, consisting of citrus fruits and flowers.
2) If you are introvert (calm, nurturing your individualistic) oriental fragrances are closer to you.
3) If you are an emotional person (sensitive and prone to strong emotions, a dreamer, romantic) aldehyde of floral fragrances should suit you perfectly.

But do not forget, that everyone is an individual person and it is hard to be so specifically classified. In our lives, we can play different roles. Above all, today you choose “your” fragrance, not the first, not the last, and not for your whole life; but according to your mood, time of year and part of the day. In different situations, we can choose special scents e.g. in times of high temperature, perfumes of natural odours are more suitable. Pay attention to the name of a perfume, its bottle and packaging – all of it can help you to define the character of the smell.
Usually the form and the content go together.